Palisade fencing:

We supply advice to our customers on how to best protect their property, whether it be a domestic, industrial, commercial, agricultural or any type of property.

We have a vast range of steel fencing to choose from.  (Devils fork, Kingcrown, 7-star etc)

We make any height of palisade fencing.  Free standing fencing as well as wall-top fencing.

We also do repairs and maintenance on damaged fences.

Our team of installers will have your fence installed in a blink of an eye with only the highest quality in workmanship

Electric fencing:

We have the technical expertise to manage projects involving the erection of sophisticated electric fences with barrier fences and sector monitoring systems.  Our company have installed many of these fencing systems throughout South Africa.  Only the best units in the market are on offer by us.  Free standing electric fencing are common among Small holdings and game farms.  Wall top electric fencing are more suitable for domestic areas to make sure you keep out unwanted elements.  All our Energiser systems are fitted with a siren and can be connected to your alarm systems or armed response.  Val-U Steel can provide our clients with the necessary installation certificates. 

Wire Fencing:

Diamond Mesh fencing.

Diamond Mesh is a tried and tested product over the years and can be used in many applications. We manufacture a large range of diamond mesh in various sizes and apertures.

Razor Wire:

Razor wire products come in two basic configurations, namely razor concertina coils and razor flat wrap coils.  Razor concertina coils are used in high security applications, typically for prisons, military, police, etc, while razor flat wrap coils are used for applications where aesthetics and space play a more prominent role, e.g. domestic and light industrial use.

Boundary Walls:

Our team of building experts, can convert your perimeter fence into a boundary wall from heaven.

Any style you desire. We cater for those who need just that extra privacy.

When building a boundary wall, we make sure that we enclose the premises at all time.  A temporary razor wire fence will be erected within you property to keep unwanted elements at bay. We also do Beta Fecncing, please inquire for more information.

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